What is a Script?

Scripts are what actors use to learn their roles in movies or plays in theatre. A good screen writer knows how to craft an acting script in such a manner that it conveys appropriate information without getting in the way. A script outlines every element (visual, behavioural and lingual) required to tell a story.

How to Read a Script During an Acting Audition

You can successfully learn what a script is and how to read your script at an acting audition in order to impress the director and feel confident about your acting performance.
  • In order to apply for a acting role, you must attend an acting audition. The director usually gives you a script that you have not read before.
  • You have a set time from when you are handed the script (usually about 6-10 minutes) to learn what is set for you to read.
  • You must hold this script in front of you. You can look at your script as long as you don't cover your face.
  • Take your time and absorb the script as you read it. Read one line after another and then look up while saying the lines out loud.
  • When your acting partner is reading his/her line, make sure to look at them while s/he’s reading, so that you can react to what s/he's saying. When s/he's line is complete, you must look at your script for your line.
  • Please complete your script line, even if you cock up! You want the script reading to be as professional as possible.

How to Write a Script

  • Don’t forget to title your script. Always think at first a title for your script, including your name and the name of your agent whom you wish to read it.
  • Outline the story that you have decided to pick up in the script.
  • Make sure you watch the movie.
  • Keeping reading the script until the rhythm and feel of script goes into your scripts are not difficult to find so make sure you read a handful.
  • Remember the cast, editor and production crew will, based on your script, interpret your story their way when it is filmed.
  • Don't forget to use good dialogue whilst writing your own script.
  • Some people think it's best to keep the dialogue fractured and oblique.
  • Don't forget to use open software. Scripts are not difficult to find on the Internet. For a typical search type, "script internet database".


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